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Aadya Multimedia is the first of its kind to offer comprehensive and cutting-edge training programs that prepare students for the demands of today's technology-driven job market. The curriculum is designed by industry experts and is constantly updated to ensure that students are learning the latest skills and tools.

  • Accelerate your career with our expert-led computer training.
  • Master the tools of the trade with our hands-on computer classes.
  • Transform your skills and revolutionize your career.
  • Join the ranks of tech-savvy professionals with our comprehensive training.
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The Modern Way of Learning

Our Instructors

Aadya Multimedia is the first and only software training institute in Jagdalpur (Bastar) focusing in the world of Graphic Designing, Web Development and Digital Marketing. We just don't teach our students for success in a career. We help them find their our creative ways to follow their passion and date to lead it. At Aadya Multimedia, we nourish our students to become a hard core professional computer experts.


Chandra G.

Full Stack Developer


Shilhi Das

UI/UX Designer


Pareshwar Bharti

Web Developer



Digital Marketer


Sanjeev Gaurav

App Developer

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What People Speaks

Aadya Multimedia is working hard to build the career of our students. We are giving special attention to each of our students so they dont get left out. We're happy to announce the testimony of few students who are a professional now.

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